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Age: 20

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Musical Theatre, Harry Potter, Starkid, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, etc.
I am a Sophomore Theatre Major

The name "Stepsofthepalace" comes from the song "On the Steps of the Palace" from the musical Into the Woods, which is my favorite musical (also I played Cinderella in a performance of it a few years ago)

I need to find an uptempo song

In my theatre class that I do on Saturdays, we’re building up our repertoire for auditions, and I have to find an uptempo song.  I found one song that I really like, Other Side of the Tracks from Little Me.  The problem with it is that it is definitely a belt song and I have a very legit soprano voice.  I’m honestly not even sure my voice teacher would let me attempt it, since she’s against belting because it’s not too great for your voice.  

I feel like every time I find a song that I like, it’s either overdone, a belt song, or I can’t find the sheet music for it (which is pretty much essential if I ever want to use it as an audition piece).

Any suggestions? 

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  1. iamaprincessallgirlsare said: "Taylor the Latte Boy" I LOVE THAT SONG.
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